Jennifer Earle Chocolate Expert

At Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, we pride ourselves on:

Imparting Interesting History
We research every area thoroughly before we launch a tour, ensuring we’re well-versed in local history and armed with a collection of fascinating stories and obscure facts to entertain you en route.  Many guests – especially locals! – say this is their favourite part of our tours.  

Filling You Up With Chocolate
We guarantee that you will leave your Chocolate Ecstasy Tour completely full of chocolate.  If not, we’ll get you more.  We’ve designed each tour to know how much to give you at each location.  Though some guests start to falter along the way we helpfully provide crackers to help you try more!  This isn’t about gluttony, in fact, it might not be the most chocolate you’ve ever eaten in one period.  Because everything we taste is of very high quality it’s much more satisfying than candy bars that are more readily available.  

Ensuring You Have An Amazing Time
“Nice” is a bit of a cliché word, but all of the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour guides are handpicked by Jennifer because at their core this is who they are.  This is combined with their love of making other people happy and their intuition in knowing what to do to make that happen!  They absolutely love chocolate, the city they guide in and showing people around.  You can hear what other people have said about their experiences here.  Of course, if you did have a less than stellar experience on our walking tours or workshops, please tell us.  This care includes adapting the tour for people with physical challenges or allergies, intolerances or dislikes – the more notice you give us for any special requirements, the easier it is for us to make the tour smooth and enjoyable for you.  

Our Relationships With The Places We Visit
Our founder, Jennifer Earle (pictured above), is a passionate member of the fine chocolate community and part of her aim in life is to promote the workers in the fine chocolate industry, from the hard working cocoa farmers to the talented artisans who create the wonderful treats we sample during the tasting tours.  We value our relationships with the businesses we take you to and ensure they all know we are coming.  It’s for this reason that we don’t run chocolate tours on weekends in December in the lead up to Christmas, nor on Easter weekend.

Our History

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours began in 2005 at a time when most spam filters wouldn't let "Ecstasy" through. The founder, Jennifer Earle, wrote a list of things she loved which included chocolate, meeting people, talking, eating and London. From this she brainstormed how she could start a business and - voila! - Chocolate Ecstasy Tours was born. 

It began as a part time hobby and attracted other passionate chocoholics to join her guiding some of the tours as well. Now Jennifer spends the majority of her time guiding tours and tastings, judging chocolate and other food awards, tasting and consulting for various chocolate companies and travelling to attend conferences or visit plantations, boutiques and factories in the UK and beyond. In short, she is obsessed with chocolate.

The aim of the tours is primarily to have fun. We also want to show you a different side of British cities and help you learn about chocolate - mostly through tasting some of the most delicious sweet (and not so sweet!) things the UK has to offer.

Taking over the world with chocolate! (OK, just Britain for now.)
Not content with just chocolate and London, Jennifer and her awesome guides are on a mission to support and explore chocolate and other fine foods in the UK. At the end of 2016 she launched Taste Tripper which aims to connect people to high quality food and drink retailers, first in London and then beyond.

Chocolate Ecstasy Guides

All of our team love chocolate. They are also super-friendly, genuine people who care about our guests having a wonderful time. Many of them are experienced tour guides, but none of them will deliver a lecture. Our tours are personal and with small groups we are able to tailor the information to what people are most interested in learning about.   

Lindsay S is a talented singer and historian, with a London speciality, whose first job was working at Cadbury World in Bournville. She was even born in Bournville, so it's like chocolate runs through her veins.   

Elle C is a trained chocolatier who leads tours and workshops for Chocolate Ecstasy Tours. She is crazy about chocolate and will often come home from a night out and mix up a batch of truffles.   

Meredith is an experienced leader who runs food-centred corporate education workshops.  She has a bounty of chocolate knowledge and can often be found experimenting with raw cacao or nibbling through single-origin dark chocolate bars.

Louise started her tour guiding career organising and hosting events on luxury cruise liners. She has also worked for the Institute of Directors, presenting at business leader events throughout the UK. Louise is delighted to now be utilising these skills with her massive love of chocolate to help fellow fans discover the world of chocolate!   

Natasha is a sensory scientist, passionate about helping people experience sight, sound, touch and taste like they haven't before. She's a lifelong foodie and spends half her week assisting at a Food & Cookery School.

Harmony started a chocolate blog at 16. She's currently studying Business at university but she spends all of the spare time working for or volunteering for or on behalf of chocolate makers.

Sally was first sent on a chocolate tour in 2006 by her chocolate-loving daughters. As well as running her own training company, Sally charms people with chocolate and her knowledge of history on the weekend chocolate tours (and occasionally during the week, too!).  Sally now runs most of our Brighton tours.   

Hazel is a food developer by day and by night a chocolate experimenter.  She has her own grinder and makes her own chocolate at home and spent her last few vacations in cocoa-growing countries volunteering on a cocoa plantation and in a chocolate factory.

Originally from the countryside, Katie is a passionate chocoholic who wasn't content just eating it but started making amazing beauty products with cocoa butter as well and making her own truffles and bars which she sells for special occasions.

Eleanor is a dedicated chocolate and ice cream lover and a talented actress. She came on several tours as a customer before joining us as a guide.