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Personalised London Food Guide

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Visiting London?


Don't want to waste your time and money eating in average restaurants, buying sub-par croissants or drinking burnt coffee?



Do you usually spend hours reading Top 10 lists on Eater and Buzzfeed and in newspapers? Or searching Instagram or TikTok only to get completely confused as to what's actually good or what just looks good on Instagram? And get lost scrolling around Google maps and reading all the reviews? Or perhaps you hope that TripAdvisor restaurant lists will send you the right way?



I know I do when I go anywhere new. I spend HOURS. And I still can't always tell what's great, even with the advantage of belonging to a foodie community.


Would you like me to do all of the heavy lifting for you?


I'll research the food part of your travel plans.


Let me know which part of London you'll be staying in and which ones you'd like to visit and I'll come up with a list of ten spots you shouldn't miss, half of which will be places you can eat dinner or lunch. I'll tell you which station isn't nearest and any other sights nearby and I'll let you know which dishes are ones not to miss.  I can't promise I'll have eaten everything I recommend but I do know whose opinion to trust and if I don't have the answer to where to eat your favourite dish, I'll know who will.


What will my personalised London food guide look like?


Your list will come as a pdf with clickable links to the booking pages, if relevant.

I'll also send you a link to your curated Google map with all of the places on it (and only these places) so you'll be able to see where they are at a glance, as well as see the last update of the opening hours.



Your London Eating Guide be emailed to you one week after you order.

If you need it in 24 hours we can do that too! Select the option at the checkout.


You can also buy this for someone else!