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Now we are connecting people to great chocolate with ONLINE MYSTERY CHOCOLATE TASTINGS!

A new Mystery Chocolate Tasting Pack by post each month, tasted together live on a Zoom call with Chocolate Ecstasy Tours founder Jennifer Earle and a special guest.

We are also offering private online tastings for companies, teams, families and friends.
Location:  Your Home
Duration:  40 mins - 1.5 hours
Price per person:  from £24.95

"Definitely the best lockdown afternoon yet!" -  18th June 2020

Online Mystery Chocolate Tastings
with Jennifer Earle and Special Guests

Photo credit: @scottcaneat

Once a month Jen will be hosting Mystery Chocolate Tastings with special guests from the chocolate and food world. Join them for a conversation from home whilst you all enjoy amazing British chocolate together.


If you want to participate in the Chocolate Tasting then order your pack below by the cut off date and you'll receive the link to register for the Zoom call. The chocolates will be posted to you around a week before the tasting.

During the call you're in a virtual room with all of the guests, watching Jen and the Special Guest chatting live from their homes while you all taste the chocolates together and you watch each others' reactions too. You can share your thoughts and ask questions via the chat box and the reaction emojis.

Every month the chocolates will be different showcasing some of the best of the best artisans in the UK.
From June to September these were chocolates from Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers but...

Monday 12th October will be our first FILLED CHOCOLATES tasting!

Keep the afternoon of Sunday 15th November in your diary too!

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Order the Mystery Chocolate Tasting Pack below and join us! Orders must be placed by the cut off date. Postage is anywhere in the world but we cannot guarantee it will arrive in time for the live tasting. You will be able to join the call anyway and you can watch the speakers on YouTube when it's uploaded afterwards.

You can also add one of Rav's favourite chocolate bars to your order and start eating that as soon as your pack arrives (it won't be part of the tasting but we can answer questions about it at any time).

* A box of 6 artisanal, British-made, filled chocolates
* Tasting Wheel and Written Tasting Guide
* Recipe and a Postcard
* Voucher for £5 off a physical Chocolate Ecstasy Tour
* Access to the live call and the chance to participate and ask questions (via written chat) + link to recorded version
* Chance to submit questions ahead of the live call.
for the introductory price of £30 plus postage

Dietary Requirements are difficult to accommodate. Please contact us for more details.

Ravneet Gill

FIFTH SPECIAL GUEST: Ravneet Gill (@raveneeteats)
DATE AND TIME: 8pm Monday 12th October 2020

In October, for the FIRST filled chocolate mystery tasting Jen will be joined by the fabulously entertaining Ravneet Gill. Jen and Rav once collaborated on a charity project. Jen had to go to hospital so mostly that meant her part in the overall collaboration was helping brainstorm ideas, driving and tasting. Since then Rav has had LONG queues for the pop up PUFF the Bakery she co-founded with Nicola Lamb and together they've created two Insta-hit online baking and patisserie courses during lockdown and now you'll find her as Prue Leith's replacement on Junion Bake Off alongside Liam Charles. She's a star. I cannot wait to see what she thinks of the chocolates.

This tasting will be vegetarian and alcohol-free. I promise it will not include flavours that are too crazy!

Please get in touch regarding any allergens. It may not be possible to make exceptions.


* We regret that we cannot guarantee every question will be answered.

** Photo of Rav from the Guardian website, where she's with her mum and fabulous biju.

Mystery FILLED Chocolates Tasting with Jennifer Earle and Ravneet Gill

Join Jen and Ravneet Gill for the FIRST Mystery Filled Chocolate Tasting on Monday 12th October at 8pm. Rav is currently a judge on Junior Bake Off, she is the founder of Countertalk and co-founder of PUFF the Bakery. She's an incredibly impressive pastry chef and you'll get the chance to ask her your niggling pastry questions (definitely answered if you submit them in advance!). We'll taste six filled chocolates by British chocolatiers. (Photo from The Guardian with her beautiful mum and biju just out of shot.)

Mystery FILLED Chocolates Tasting with Jennifer Earle and Ravneet Gill
£ 30.00 GBP
Buy now

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Pump Street Chocolate bar

The Pump St Sourdough & Seasalt dark chocolate bar is one of Rav's favourites (& Jen's too). It won Silver in the 2015 International Chocolate Awards world final and was the overall best dark chocolate in the 2015 Academy of Chocolate Awards. The first time anyone put sourdough in a chocolate bar and it is their own bakery's bread. It's incredibly hard to stop eating. Plus P&P if you're purchasing without a Mystery Chocolate Tasting Pack. Otherwise included!

Pump Street Chocolate bar
£ 6.25 GBP
Buy now

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Taste with Colour Flavour Map

This colour map tasting tool was developed by my friend Hazel Lee. Some people experience taste as a colour - they can look at the map and see words that might identify what they're tasting. It is used in Academy of Chocolate tastings by many judges but fun for anyone who loves craft chocolate. Printed on high quality 260gsm textured paper to complement the watercolour design and protected with a resealable A3 cellophane pouch. Size: 42cm x 29.7cm (approximately A3) Frame (and cocoa beans) not included.

Taste with Colour Flavour Map
£ 15.00 GBP
Buy now

Please note that using Auto-Complete for your address during check out may lead the system not to recognise it.

Future Special Guests

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Past Special Guest Tastings

Paul A Young Fine CHocolates

If you missed the first Mystery Online Chocolate Tasting with Jen and Edd Kimber (@theboywhobakes) you can catch it here:
Sorry that it's not as fun without the very active chat and seeing the other guests!

Here's the second Online Mystery Chocolate Tasting with Jen and Paul A Young (@paul_a_young). The actual tasting starts at the 12 minute mark (I promise to start tasting sooner next time!).

And the third (Gluten & Dairy Free) Online Mystery Chocolate Tasting with Jen and Bettina's Kitchen (@bettinas_kitchen).

Private Group Chocolate Tastings with Jennifer Earle

Jen is also booking personal Mystery Chocolate Tastings for teams, clients, groups of friends and families. It's the perfect corporate event or celebration. For anyone wanting to connect online in a shared delicious activity.  These are a great introduction to bean to bar craft chocolate for anyone who loves food!

"Many thanks for including us in this event, we both thought it was a great idea and so much more enjoyable than the usual networky things!"  

Only guests who have bought the Personal Mystery Tasting Pack can log in to the Zoom video link that will be provided before the event.

Contact us for private bookings.