Husk & Bean by Daniel Jones

Husk & Bean by Daniel Jones

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chocolate, infusions & magic 

10 years after Daniel launched his own chocolate business, his collection of recipes can now be found in his book.


Award-winning chocolatier Daniel Jones will take you on a magical chocolate journey. Look at the history of this amazing fruit, before understanding the differences amongst the main varieties.


Understand the basic techniques, and use these to create some stunning bars, truffles, infusions, drinks and even savoury meals.


Chapters include:

Where it all began; From bean-to-bar; Tempering & Ganache; Infusions; Bars; Filled Chocolates; Macarons; Dough, Cakes & Bakes; Desserts; Ices; Savoury; Condiments; Drinks; Ingredients;


Over 75 recipes, including:

Daniel's award winning tonka bean bar;

an incredible chicken, bacon, blue cheese and chocolate sarnie;

the best ever brownie!