Chocolate Tours and Tastings for School Groups
Looking for an educational experience on Chocolate - covering the history of chocolate and how it's made and what fair trade really means?

We regularly visit schools to deliver interactive chocolate experiences.  Chocolate is part of the Key Stage 2 (KS2) lesson plan for Years 2 to 4 in many UK primary schools and we can help to bring it to life for your students in a fun and unique way.

What the school visit chocolate sessions typically include:  

·        Visit from a BRC-certificate holding chocolate expert who is excellent with children
·        Explanation with props (real cocoa pod and beans) of how cocoa is made into chocolate
·        Education of chocolate – history, processes and facts (slideshow of images plus a short video)
·        Introduction to tasting chocolate "as a professional" – three squares of chocolate per child (different types to explain the          difference, but not so much that we leave you with children that are too sugar-filled!)
·        A modern twist on a version of 18th Century hot chocolate will be made in front of the class for each student to sample
·        Quiz (optional)

These tastings typically last 1 hour and 15 minutes with a maximum of thirty students per class.  We can conduct up to three classes in a day.  Please contact us with your requirements or any questions!  

"Thank you for a very informative afternoon about chocolate....the children loved it."

Smaller groups of older children or adults studying chocolate/food can be a more in depth tasting or a tour of London that visits locations where chocolate is being made and will include local history information as well as more sampling.

From £230 + VAT for a single class. £450 + VAT for a full day (three classes). Maximum 32 students in a class.