Delivering during COVID-19 Lockdown

Updated Thursday 21st May 2020
All chocolate available UK-wide. Bakeries now separated into UK-wide and local collection/delivery only.

Please check with the business directly for their latest announcements.
For more detail about the businesses and to get their direct website links click Chocolate or Bakeries (or click the lists below) to go to the detailed pages.

Almost all of these are businesses I personally have tried and recommend. No ads or affiliate links.
Please contact me with any additions or amendments.

Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers

Bean to Bar Chocolate in the UK

Chocolates, Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Treats

Chocolatiers in the UK

Brownies, Cookies, Babka & more - UK Deliveries

Bakeries delivering UK

Sourdough and other Baked Treats - London

London Bakeries

Sourdough and other Baked Treats - UK Local (not London)

UK bakeries doing collection & delivery

Thank you to all of you going to work to keep people healthy and safe and keeping the important things running.
Thank you to everyone else for staying at home.
with love,
Jen x