8pm Wednesday 6th March 2024 Online Chocolate Tasting

8pm Wednesday 6th March 2024 Online Chocolate Tasting

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Thank you to everyone who's signed up! I'm so excited to taste these chocolates with you all on the 6th.

For anyone in London - or who can get to London - and also has an interest in croissants, I'm reviving my podcast, The Next Delicious Thing, with a live recording on Saturday 23rd March.


Please sign up to my Substack to find out more: https://jenniferearle.substack.com


Join Jennifer Earle for the very special one-off return of the Mystery Chocolate Tastings.  

We've missed you all!

After visiting Salon du Chocolat in October 2023, Jen decided there were too many new and interesting (and delicious!) innovations in chocolate so she's going to visit another chocolate show in February 2024 and collect some chocolate to create special Mystery Tasting Packs for a one-off, special chocolate tasting.

It'll be recorded if you can't join in live.

Your Mystery Chocolate Tasting Pack will be posted two weeks in advance of the Zoom call.

Sales will close at the end of January 2024, but what a great Christmas present this will be?

 If you didn't join one of the previous 20 online Mystery Chocolate Tastings, they were a lot of fun!

DATE: 8pm Wednesday 6th March 2024


* Eight pieces (approx 10g each) of bean to bar chocolates from around the world

* Tasting Wheel and Guide

* Tasting Sheet

* Some fun London fact cards

* Login for the live, private, 1-1.5 hour-long Zoom chocolate tasting session on Wednesday 8th March 2024 and the chance to ask questions to Jen and other guests.

Tasting Pack for Two includes an extra set of chocolate within the same box sent to one address.


I've now chosen the chocolates and I'm so excited to share them with you. There is an extra I couldn't help but get and some of the makers are defintiely going to join the call. I feel like this could easily become a 1.5 hour chat. I can't wait to see you!

I bought a little extra so if you want to buy a pack (or up-size the one you bought) use the link below or reply to your original order and let me know!

* Photos is of a previous Mystery Chocolate Tasting pack, taken by Joanna Yee (@candidsbyjo).